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Fitness Industry revenue growth has averaged a 2.6 percent increase annually for the past several years and is expected to continue this trajectory. An estimated $87.5 billion in fitness industry revenue is expected for the year 2018. The average United States gym member is around 40 years old and spending half a grand a year on their membership. Now is the best time to enter into a market that is sure to stay relevant and continue to make money year after year.

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American College of Sports Medicine 2018 Fitness Trends


High Intensity Interval Training

A quick and effective way to reach certain weight loss and fitness goals, HIIT has become more and more popular in a world of busy schedules. While many franchises blindly incorporate HIIT into their programs, Elite Edge works to carefully design HIIT trainings in a way that is safe and puts minimal stress on joints.

Group Training, Strength Training, & Bodyweight Training Programs

Training programs in groups of five or more is increasingly popular. Elite Edge is the only group-based strength training program designed by a multiple time world record holder, and one of six people to hold all-time totals in powerlifting in two weight classes. The Elite difference holds an edge on group training and strength training in this regard.


The fitness industry lacks significant regulation, so the demand for credible, certified, educated, and experienced fitness professionals is increasing. Elite Edge Transformation Centers are owned by franchisees who are trained and managed by the best in the fitness industry. Former UFC Veterans, Certified Trainers, Professional Franchise Developers, and more are included on your support team.

Elite Edge Balances Industry Trends with Traditional Training

Join a fitness franchise that not only has an edge on the latest fitness trends, but that additionally has comprehensive understanding and inclusion of traditional fitness practices. Our experts have been in the industry for decades, and know what is important.

The art of working out is the ability to increase muscle size, bone density and improve cardiovascular function without overworking and stressing out joints and ligaments. Elite Edge Transformation Centers stay relevant by including both popular fitness trends and sustainable methods of fitness. Our locations see results in averaging twice the amount of gross revenue per month than the industry standard.

In a Growing Industry, You Should Only Consider Elite Options.